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We are two Florida natives with big dreams and a niche for fashion. We are cousins who frequently are mistaken for sisters. In fact, we just prefer others to think we are. Throughout our younger years (many years ago) we were one of the first team bloggers, or so we like to think, as we hosted a cooking show we titled "Two Blondes and a Pot". We spent hours entertaining in the kitchen, creating delicious dishes we cultivated for our families, bringing to life generations of recipes. Unfortunately, YouTube was not a thing back then but the experience and our team dynamic sparked another dream, Haute Harlei Couture.


One may ask why a clothing boutique and who is Harlei?

We have a passion for fashion and our own online retail experiences brought the realization that our everyday clothing needs as working professionals, moms, and regular entertainers were not being met in the market. We wanted a single shopping experience that allowed us to look good for any occasion, centralized collections that could take us from the boardroom to a fun girl's night.  Our need for diverse attire prompted us to open a boutique that is friendly to all ages, shapes, and sizes. After all who doesn’t like a one-stop shop?!


Harlei has a very special meaning to us. We are two boy moms, that have dreamt of adding little girls to our families, and well let’s just say that’s not in our cards. So, what better way to honor our 'little girls' than merging our girl names to accomplish our common dream of an online clothing boutique.


We hope you enjoy our chic finds and provide us with feedback along the way. Remember, no dream is too big or too small. God Bless!



Jessica & Lindsay

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